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Counselling Psychologist

About Jyoti Kharkwal

Hello, I’m Jyoti Kharkwal, a counseling psychologist and certified art therapist with a decade of experience in the mental health field. My journey in psychology began ten years ago, driven by a deep fascination with the human mind and a commitment to helping individuals navigate their inner worlds.

I aim to be a dependable support system for my clients during their times of crisis. My therapeutic approach is eclectic, integrating humanistic and psychodynamic principles to foster positive changes in my clients’ lives.

I have extensive experience working with high-risk populations, including service members in the Indian Army and Air Force. In my role as a well-being specialist at Concentrix, I provided support to corporate employees in fast-paced, highly competitive, and stressful environments. Currently, I work with UPSC students at a premier institute.

My areas of expertise include anxiety management, depression,motivation enhancement, time management, stress management, relationship issues, grief counseling, family issues and teaching mindfulness and meditation to enhance quality of life .

My aim is to help you become a better you.


MA Psychology, Diploma in Arts Therapy

Languages Spoken

Hindi , English , Kumaoni

Approach to Therapy:

I believe that each client is unique and I aim to provide interventions that are customised solely keeping in mind the interests and needs of the client at a particular moment in their life. I adopt an empowering approach to therapy where the client is able to eventually sustain himself with the psychological and therapeutic tools that have been introduced while in therapy and is able to deal with situations of crisis himself in future . 

Types of sessions offered


Personal interests

I love to travel and read. I have picked up an interest towards boxing and physical fitness recently. I believe that small steps lead to big journeys.

Age group jyoti works with

Adolescents and Adults

Types of therapies offered

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • Client-centred therapy

  • Mindfulness-based interventions

  • Solution Focussed Therapy.


  • Anxiety
  • Motivation
  • Stress
  • Grief Counselling
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Relationship Counselling 

What jyoti’s Client Say

I was undergoing a phase in my life where even though I was doing well financially my will to work and be present for my loved ones in my relationships was absent. I did not derive any joy out of my work and it felt like a task. Additionally there were constant fights with my wife at home , my 16 year old daughter was becoming increasingly abusive and there were constant complaints from her school and peers.
I decided to seek help and thankfully met Jyoti at the right time. She was extremely patient with me. She gave me time to express my emotions and provided me with a safe space to talk freely without the fear of being judged. I was able to talk about my emotions that I had never shared with anybody before. Her genuine nature and passion with which she worked with me instilled feelings of confidence and hope within me . I was able to untangle the threads of my life that felt tangled all around myself. I was able to recognise my faulty patterns and she helped me in a way that seemed very structured and practical to me. In a short span of time that she’s worked with me , I see that I can better manage my relationships , I have gained clarity about the root cause behind my feelings of demotivation. I am able to better handle it each day. The best part about Jyoti is that she makes you understand the “why” behind everything that she talks about. She not only helped me adopt a solution oriented perspective towards my problems but also works with me to empower me with skills that will help me in future. She has proved to be a reliable source of support for me and my family. I’d definitely recommend her expertise to those experiencing problems .

Col Mayank ( name changed )
Indian Army

I met Jyoti when I was going through a difficult time in my relationship. It was a toxic relationship and I felt stuck in it. Jyoti got into the mud with me and helped me explore the root cause of my toxic relationship(s). She made me do multiple assessment tests and taught me about attachment styles. She helped me understand my attachment style and taught me its impact on my choice of relationships.
Over time I was able to see the pattern in my relationships more clearly and now I’m on the route to recovery. She also helped me become a more confident version of myself. My self esteem has been impacted positively and I’ve started to work on myself now. I am grateful to have found the right help at the right time.

Doctor ( AIIMS, DELHI)

I met Jyoti ma’am at a time when I lost my mother due to COVID. She was the dearest person to me . Even after having my own kids I used to call my mother twice a day and tell her everything happening in my life. Her loss shattered me . I could not function, I could not take care of myself let alone my kids. I completely isolated myself. My husband who’s a serving officer could not help me or the kids due to his own job demands.
At such a difficult time of my life I visited Jyoti ma’am’s office . She not just validated my emotions but also provided me a safe space to express even the tiniest of my worries and emotions. She patiently listened to everything and step by step helped me understand the grieving process, she taught me ways to deal with my emotions and also helped me with developing acceptance over time. Her sessions where she used art therapy to help me express my suppressed emotions through a creative medium really helped me.
She was available whenever I needed her and truly went above and beyond to help me get back on track. I shall be forever indebted to Jyoti ma’am for her support and role in my healing journey.

Mrs Ananya

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