Frequently Asked Questions

We connect you with the best psychologist and counselor. We have the most experienced, trained, and certified therapists who provide the holistic approach to the overall wellness of your mind, emotions, and consciousness. At Phanes, we aim to provide you with a friendly, unprejudiced, and non-judgmental atmosphere, where you can openly and comfortably share your problems. We empathize with our clients and will go to lengths to help you overcome your emotional & mental problems and improve the quality of your inner self. Phanes is an opportunity for you to be on a journey to understand yourself and create a happy and meaningful life.

Everyone at Phanes has the minimum Masters in Psychology. Everyone at Phanes is very well trained for online counseling. Moreover, regular mentoring is being done where everyone learns all kinds of approaches and more experienced therapists impart their knowledge and wisdom to others. So the continuous learning program makes it very powerful for all the therapists to grow and excel in their sessions. Whosoever is assigned to you is quite efficient and expert in the field of counseling and therapy. Quality is what we believe in and what we stand for.

Yes, every counseling/therapy session is completely confidential and secure and we do not share your information with anyone. We ensure that your information is kept confidential with your therapist. You can express yourself freely with full trust and openness.

Online counselling and therapy is an opportunity for you to seek professional assistance where the therapist will help you to identify your thoughts, feelings and behaviors that shape your life. This journey will help you improve yourself where the therapist will empower you with unconditional support and guidance to become capable and create what you want in your life.

Online Counselling & Therapy serves to be helpful for all the issues and   problems that are creating discomfort or difficulty to move on in your daily life. Some of the common problems for which people seek therapy are depression or low mood, stress and anxiety, fears, sleep issues, Traumas, Relationship problems, difficulties in managing emotions, low motivation, unable to focus/ concentrate on your work, future uncertainty, and many more problems.

Online counselling and therapy is the most effective and comfortable way to help you overcome your emotional and mental issues. It helps you to connect with your therapist on your convenience, comfort and need. Many types of research has highlighted that online counselling and therapy is as effective and successful in dealing with mental health problems as face-to-face therapy.

Presently we offer counselling in two languages only : English and Hindi.

We make this step easy for you and choose the best therapist as per your needs and situations, so that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary stress to find the best. We assure you of the quality service and counselling.

Yes, the same therapist will be assigned to you every time you wish to continue more with Phanes. In case you wish to have a new therapist or counselor, we will look into your request and do the best possible.

We will do our best to assign you the therapist as per your request, However, in many scenarios we may not make this happen due to the availability. We request you to be comfortable with the therapist as everyone is trained to be non-judgemental towards the

client. You can trust and open yourself freely with your assigned therapist. Everyone is equally experienced to help you in the best possible way.

If you have opted for video sessions both the partners can sit together in the therapy session. But, if you are taking counseling via chat/audio call, you must make individual packages to continue with therapy. Usually, it is important and advisable to take a few individual sessions in the beginning and then the therapist can become the bridge between the partners to give them the best therapy and counseling experience.


Video sessions are a great way to connect with your expert in a virtual face-to-face setting. To connect through video sessions, you need to mutually schedule the session with your expert. At the scheduled time, your expert will prompt you to start the video session on Zoom,Skype,Whatsapp. Once you confirm, you will immediately begin video chatting with your Counsellor.

By choosing a therapist, you are choosing a professional who will not only guide you but also provide you with unconditional emotional support and an opportunity to grow in life. You will be heard and empowered with an appropriate and scientific set of healing tools to help you become capable of walking from the state of ordinary to extraordinary.

No problem can be measured objectively in terms of “good” or “bad”. What matters to us is how you feel about it. If you feel bad about something, then that needs to be discussed.

No, there isn’t any formal preparation required. Be comfortable and feel free to express yourself.

Many people find it difficult to express their feelings and we respect that everyone is different and unique. So, we try to look for different ways with which you are comfortable.

Just talk it out