Aashima Sondhi

Aashima embodies the ‘Eastern Body – Western Mind’ framework, personifying a holistic blend of Western Scientific Approach to Eastern Vedic Practices. Her early quest for learning about the rationale of human behaviour led her to study an amalgam of health science, neuroscience, psychology, and psychophysiology in the multicultural city of Melbourne, Australia. 

Despite working overseas, Aashima’s ardent desire to serve her homeland and a constant association of her Vedic roots made her journey her way back to India. Her work is not limited to the boundaries of language, religion, gender, and nationality, as she extends her counsel across national and international borders. Her undying acceptance of every human expression, helps her create a unique ‘Client Centred Therapy’ approach, specific to the needs of each individual.  


Aashima specializes in helping clients achieve their work-life balance and navigate their self-identity through different walks of life: teenage, transitional phases, young adulthood, mid-life, and old age. Her work with young adults and elderly professionals in society has also garnered much appreciation and success.