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The techniques have brought me a great deal of mental peace. It’s insane to believe that it actually helps you reduce anxiety. Every session gave me hope and strength to get through the dark times and gave me a new perspective of life. It has definitely made me stronger and helped me find ways to mental peace. The therapist made me feel like all my feelings are valid and I’m normal which I didn’t feel before. The therapy sessions have shown me a way to self-love and gratitude towards what I possess.


Before taking these sessions I had developed poor mental health due to multiple reasons and that led to stress and anxiety incapable for me to handle on my own. But after talking to the therapist, I started to understand what was happening and what I had been doing to myself for so long. He was very kind and patient with all my doubts and “concerns” I had then. I was unlearning and relearning new systems. As I now look back after all these 8 sessions I can’t help but see the remarkable transformation I’ve made as an individual. It’s still a work in progress but still, the path has been shown. During this difficult time, I am extremely thankful for the invaluable pieces of knowledge.


I had opted for audio sessions. During the first two sessions, I only spoke about my childhood, career, family etc. My Therapist listened patiently to each and everything. To my surprise, he didn’t judge me, he did not lecture me, he didn’t laugh at me. This was exactly what I wanted, an ear to listen, without any judgement and someone to understand my issues. Even after this, he never pushed me to face my fear. He waited patiently for me to get comfortable. I couldn’t speak about my phobia in the first two sessions and then in the third session, I mustered up the courage to speak about my fear and how it had been affecting me all my life. And in less than 3 months I am out of the biggest fear that I had been living with all my life. Today, I am a much more confident, ambitious and most of all a much happier and positive person.


I was in a dark place before starting my therapy sessions with Phanes. It was hard for me to go about my day and create a sense of my life. I had previously visited doctors for this feeling but was diagnosed with depression and given medications. There was no true explanation as to what really was happening to me. Medication was not helping much. I needed some explanation and that’s when I had one session with my therapist and I was blown away. She gave me insight into my past, helped me heal the childhood that was somewhere sitting inside me and not letting me live my life freely. I have learnt something big in my sessions and that is that life needs to be lived to the fullest and for ourselves. Our families, friends and everything in between is just here as a chocolate ganache on our already very delicious and magnificent life. It is important to first see the good we are doing in our life for ourselves.


During covid I started feeling that I am not keeping well …since my childhood I have seen my family not functioning well. My mother and maternal aunties have mental health issues which were never addressed. I decided to start therapy and contacted Phanes. Her diagnosis was exactly the same as I was trying to explain to the family about what I was going through. I had issues with emotions management and expression of my thoughts and at the time any incidents. I always used to think about the incident later and feel discomfort about my not reacting at the moment and feel guilty about not reacting or other people knowing about my thoughts and emotions because I used to feel that I may hurt them or I will be a bad person in their eyes. Learning assertiveness and healthy communication helped me a lot to deal with issues and made me more efficient in understanding and managing my emotions. Overall, my experience with Phanes was the best . It was like unlearning the unhelpful behaviour and thoughts and relearning the helpful one. Learn to manage my future stressful situations by myself and always be ready to take help if I need.


I am always an achiever in my life, always achieving what I wanted in my life but after my mother’s death I lost motivation also with her.I couldn’t make my own decisions as I was always dependent upon her, changing my job became my biggest challenge as I was not able to upgrade my skills which were required for a new role. Stress at work was a great deal for me. When I started my therapy session for the first 3-4 sessions, she discussed each issue in detail and then she helped me to become more self-dependent and the procrastination issue was solved. Therapy for depression helped me to activate my daily routine and become more functionable so that I could finish the pending task and attend interviews more confidently. She helped me how to resolve work conflicts and without fighting how I can be more assertive and get done my work more peacefully. She helped me to practise mindfulness exercises which makes me calm and make me able to see situations and react properly.


Frequently Asked Questions

We connect you with the best psychologist and counsellor. We have the most experienced, trained, and certified therapists who provide the holistic approach to the overall wellness of your mind, emotions, and consciousness. At Phanes, we aim to provide you with a friendly, unprejudiced, and non-judgmental atmosphere, where you can openly and comfortably share your problems. We empathise with our clients and will go to lengths to help you overcome your emotional & mental problems and improve the quality of your inner self. Phanes is an opportunity for you to be on a journey to understand yourself and create a happy and meaningful life.

Everyone at Phanes has the minimum Masters in Psychology. Everyone at Phanes is very well trained for online counselling. Moreover, regular mentoring is being done where everyone learns all kinds of approaches and more experienced therapists impart their knowledge and wisdom to others. So the continuous learning program makes it very powerful for all the therapists to grow and excel in their sessions. Whosoever is assigned to you is quite efficient and expert in the field of counselling and therapy. Quality is what we believe in and what we stand for.

Yes, every counselling/therapy session is completely confidential and secure and we do not share your information with anyone. We ensure that your information is kept confidential with your therapist. You can express yourself freely with full trust and openness.

Online counselling and therapy is an opportunity for you to seek professional assistance where the therapist will help you to identify your thoughts, feelings and behaviours that shape your life. This journey will help you improve yourself where the therapist will empower you with unconditional support and guidance to become capable and create what you want in your life.

Online Counselling & Therapy serves to be helpful for all the issues and  problems that are creating discomfort or difficulty to move on in your daily life. Some of the common problems for which people seek therapy are depression or low mood, stress and anxiety, fears, sleep issues, Traumas, Relationship problems, difficulties in managing emotions, low motivation, unable to focus/ concentrate on your work, future uncertainty, and many more problems.

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